Katz is a pirated edition of Art Spiegelman’s seminal graphic novel Maus. Katz is an exact copy of the French edition of Maus, with the difference that all the animal characters, have been redrawn as cats. The book was printed on November 2011 and it was seen in public for the first time in January 2012 during the International Comics Festival of Angoulême which ran under Spiegelman’s presidency. Two weeks before the book officially hit the book stores, the lawyers of Flammarion, the copyright holders of the French translation sent to the authors a cease-and-desist letter containing a five hundred page document containing comparison spreads from both Maus and Katz, interviews from Ilan Manouach, and his correspondence with Art Spiegelman. Refusing to take into account the conversational nature of the operation and its very limited printrun, Flammarion framed Katz as a counterfeit product and sought an injunction against the small Belgian press. The destruction of the totality of the print run took place in Brussels on March 15th 2012, in a specialised paper destruction facility. 


Belgium: La Cinquième Couche | 288 pages | softcover edition 170mm x 240mm | 2011 | SOLD OUT

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