Le VTT Comme Je l’Aime

Porn is the hidden engine that drives innovation in tech and Le VTT Comme Je l’Aime is a comic book whose entire entire narrative was composed by a GPT-2 language model trained on tens of thousands of erotic stories. The images are rendered in a 3d environment using the latest OpenGL assets of the dark porn marketplace. It is structured as a series of short confessions and fragments percolated through a machinic subjectivity where most of the genre’s conventions are disrupted: scene props are painstakingly described, characters change gender and sex in a paragraph length in a totally anticlimactic narrative arc. Like The Neural Yorker, with its dry take on cartoons, this book reveals the alien side of arousal.


Editorial: Luca Reverdit, Model training: Yannis Siglidis, Corrections: Charlotte Miquel, Cover design: Cizo, Invited guests: Keren Katz Bernharda Xilko, Research: Echo Chamber ASBL, General Affairs: Mr Tora Tora. The book received the generous support from Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Officiel.

France: Le Monte-en-l’Air / BDCUL | 160 pages | softcover edition | 2022 | 130mm x 180mm

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