Hardcore Lounge LP

The “Hôtel Costes Presents” series returns this March with ‘Hardcore Lounge’, the new album by Greek duo Glacial, comprise of eight original tracks and a special collaboration with the well-know star singer Giorgos Mazonakis who features on the hit single “Den Ime ego”. Glacial is the joint project of renowned Greek techno/house producer Giorgos Lemos – also known as Lemos – and saxophone player Ilan Manouach. The duo released their debut album back in 2012 via the former “Costes Presente” series. With this new album, the band is back together for a release on the new “Hotel Costes Presents” series, once again delivering their inimitable twist on jazz infused electronic music. A focal point from the album comes in the shape of ‘Den Ime Ego’, which sees Glacial collaborating with one of Greece’s most infamous pop singers, Giorgos Mazonakis, to create a cinematic composition driven by emotive string, jazzy drums and airy sax tones alongside Mazonakis haunting vocals. Tracks like opening cut ‘Love Letters From Ankara’, ‘Wiggle Space’ and title-cut ‘Hardcore Lounge’ showcases Glacial’s more jazz leaning influences, fusing wandering sax lines, hazy atmospherics and dusty drums to paint a picture of smoky dark rooms and a hypnotic aesthetic. Further contributions like ‘Bouche Fermee’, ‘Normies’ and ‘Miroloi’ brings us back to Lemos’ past with stripped-back electronic sounds, bringing a minimalistic rhythmic style and intricate synth work to the forefront.

LP | 2021 | SOLD OUT

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