Chimeras.Inventory of Synthetic Cognition

Chimeras (Onassis Publications, 2022) attempts to disassemble and reformulate what one might understand as AI by taking apart both notions of ‘artificiality’ and ‘intelligence’ and seeing what new meaning they produce when recombined. It is a collective glossary that I co-edited with Anna Engelhardt that gathers 150 contributors exploring a variety of epistemic perspectives on artificial intelligence : interspecies, crip, monstrous, feminist, distributed, and decolonial, among others. The glossary draws upon chimerism in order to broaden ‘artificial intelligence’ into ‘synthetic cognition’—an approach that highlights the duality of ‘artificial’ and ‘authentic’, amplifies non-human methods of cognition and anticipates modes of symbiosis.  

Published by Onassis Publications (GR) 536 pages | paperback edition | 2022 | 120mm x 180mm

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