Les Géométries Souterraines LP

Balinese Beast / Fusiller. Les Géometries Souterraines [Split 12] on fine French label [tanzprocesz] brings together (or fences off – depending on how you look at it), French gonzo electronics project Fusiller (Jonathan T. who runs [tanzprocesz] and is also one half of Opéra Mort) and Greek free sax and home-brewed electronics duo Balinese Beast. Fusiller’s side starts off with a snippet of some feedback shrieks, sci-fi effects and cryptic, distorted mumbled vocals that set the standard for what’s gonna follow. Gloomy atmosphere, created by concrete electronics and supreme tape work, blends with a slew of repetitive patterns, epileptic lo-fi synth lines and weirdo bleeps, resulting in a confusing, trance-like state of insanity. Balinese Beast (George Axiotis and Ilan Manouach), deliver their most refined version of their bona fide cut-ups and electronics. This time they offer a more beat-driven material, like the opening track “Sensorimotor Schemes” that rotates around a stable rhythmic structure with short high-pitched sounds, abstract noises, samples and loose sax grooves that emerge and then dissolve in no time. Their trademark sound collage of feedback, two-penny effects, mixing-board abuse, perverted exotica and cartooney reeds is always present. Only this time it merges with more steady structures, like on “Police Photoshop Disaster” where a repetitive cheapo thrash metal riff meets sax’s echoed minced words and builds up to a chaotic crescendo.


Track listing: Balinese Beast: Sensorimotor Schemes, Natural Soil, Palace of Thai, Tundra of Malice, Police Photoshop Disaster, Fusiller Fusiller. Fusiller: 1, 2, 3, 4 12” split LP | 2013 | BB Records & [tanzprocesz] | SOLD OUT

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