Digital comics are at the pulsating center of a global, entertainment industry. Comics are dual objects. They have a use value–for readers– and an exchange value for collectors. Although these two functions are not operating along a clear-cut divide, they sometimes run opposite to each other. Online participatory culture and the medium’s new networked possibilities have intensified the nature of comics beyond the scope of professional, established expertise with new and disruptive forms of entrepreneurial fan culture. Readers now actively scan, translate and distribute online their favorite manga series. ONEPIECE is a product of this expanded digital production belt. ONEPIECE consists of all the volumes of the worldwide bestseller One Piece, assembled into a single book of 21.540 pages. With a spine width of more than 80cm (31.5 inches), this sculptural object cannot be read or displayed in bookstores. ONEPIECE can only be contemplated as a materialisation of digital comics’ very own media-saturated digital ecosystem. ONEPIECE exists only as an object of pure speculation.

Numbered and signed by the artist
Published by JBE Books
Binding: Elise De Maio
With the support of Echo Chamber asbl
21450 pages
12 x 18,5 x 80 cm, 17kg


Edition of 50

1900€ + shipping (Shipping worldwide) Information about shipping is requested at Buying a copy on attributes a number and validate the sale with a standard art shipping fee, that will be adjusted accordingly to the destination.

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