Balinese Beast-Wham Jah LP

A long time in the works, we finally drop off a true early 2010’s Athens underground artifact. Two of the most active Greek bands, Balinese Beast (the cut-up stomp-punch destruction duo of Ilan Manouach and Giorgos Axiotis) and Wham Jah (the free-form rambunctious electrical mayhem of Pavlos Gkousios, Kostadis Michail and Panagiotis Spoulos) deliver two sides of an eye-sparkling platter filled w/ energy, persistence, baffle and soothing noise. Two entirely different approaches, one strong heart endorsing in musical poodle-like affection. Edition of 300 copies w/ stamped labels, offset covers and offset obi-strips housed in a heavy duty poly sleeve. Track Listing: Balinese Beast: Distemper, Veterinarian Report, Rabies, 104 degrees, Preventive measure, CPV, Yellowish / Brownish, Fecal Matter. Wham Jah: Hip Dysplasia 12” vinyl LP | 2011 | BB Records, Phase | SOLD OUT

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