Tintin Akei Kongo

Tintin Akei Kongo is the translated version of Tintin au Congo in lingala, the official Congolese dialect. The book is an exact fac-simile of the commercial edition and follows the industrial standards and layout of classical comics. The goal of this endeavour was not simply to construe the artist’s tasks through a redefinition of the possible interventions, by commissioning a translation himself; neither to emphasize the importance of discursivity and self-referentiality as a way to address comics both as a language and a form of logic. The goal is neither to fill a historical error by making accessible this work in the language of the mainly interested, the oppressed, the insulted. One should never forget the implicit consensus that stands behind the choice of languages for translated works. The fact that the original edition hasn’t found its way to the African market with a Congolese edition, reminds the reader of Tintin Akei Kongo that distribution of cultural products is not solely governed by profit and market values. Adding lingala to the 112 different translations of the Tintin Empire, Tintin Akei Kongo reveals blind spots in the expansion of the publishing conglomerates. 


Belgium: La Cinquième Couche | 64 pages | hardcover edition | 2015 | 165mm x 220mm | exclusively sold in Congo | SOLD OUT

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