WRY trio CD

Three musicians, three instruments, one audience. Each individual, a mind in conversation with other minds, those playing and also those listening. Each mind living in a multi-dimensional space, processing a succession of sounds in time. Time flowing while the piano, the drums and the soprano sax communicate with each other; while every mind oscillates between anticipation of the imminent and confirmation of that which has already transpired, an exercise in concentration and abstraction. WRY kicks off a three-way conversation inviting each listener as fourth party to both bear witness to and become complicit in this difficult exercise. And just like the brain thrives and evolves with change, the musicians exert themselves to offer the change required for survival: a change of pace, a change of tone, a change of pitch, a change of volume, a change of heart…

Liner notes from Jorge Wagensberg


Agustí Fernández – piano
Ilan Manouach – saxophone
Ivo Sans – drums

CD | 2013 | SOLD OUT

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