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Metakatz is a collective reader extending the questions raised by the book, Katz and its fatal destruction. Artists, critics, lawyers, social scientists, destruction facility specialists and anonymous blog users were invited to contribute their feedback and investigate other rip-off practices in comics, research the use of animal metaphors in storytelling or produce derivative works. This book gave birth to an ongoing research project Essaim, a web platform publisher that brings in tandem the potential of p2p and crowd-funding with the aim to produce authorless books that can be assumed on a collective nebular basis. The book comes with a seven inch vinyl that documents the industrial destruction of the book Katz.

210 pages | hardcover edition K
200mm x 230mm | 2010 | 22 euros

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Tintin Akei Kongo




Balinese Beast LP

Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space


Balinese Beast-Wham Jah LP

Riki Fermier

Écologie Forcée

Un monde un peu meilleur

Eprouvette #3



Glacial – Hardcore Lounge EP

Glacial – Entropy EP

We All Go Down

Skeleton Drafts

Glacial – Hotel Costes présente…

Les lieux et les choses qui entouraient les gens, désormais

Wry Trio

Limbo Sketchbook

The Horseheaded Statue

Limbo Textbook

Honey, I shrunk our playlist

Balinese Beast / TBC & Guy Saldanha – Thunderbird Hotel 7”

Balinese Beast / Fusiller, Les Géométries Souterraines [Split] LP

Balinese Beast – Soft Offerings Maxi 7”

Balinese Beast / Gabola, Riviere – SchengenShenzen [Split] LP


Both Sides of a Wall

Frédéric Magazine 4

Fug Gum, Vol ii

Multitudes 37/38

Le Coup de Grâce


Glömp 9