Review of Noirs

Manouach is fol­low­ing here an “idea in comics”. If we can read Peyo’s famous char­ac­ters and sto­ries and prac­tices as stand­ing for a “nor­mal­ized” social-eco­nomic prac­tice of (Franco-Bel­gium) comics, that is to say, a nor­ma­tive power (which we can also call hege­monyor molar), then Manouach seems to cre­ate a mol­e­c­u­lar inflec­tion on Peyo’s molar con­fig­u­ra­tion, an act of resis­tance. By rewrit­ing, he is not underwrit­ing it. But once again, like in Bene in rela­tion to Shake­speare, this ges­ture can be seen as both a des­e­crat­ing and a lov­ing act. A destroy­ing, fiery hand hold­ing its objects in order to love it bet­ter. True blue.

Pedro Moura wrote a very inter­est­ing review of the rip-off Noirs at the du9 web­site.