Ilan Manouach | Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space
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Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space

Undeveloped was brought into being during a process that sought to investigate the acoustic properties and aural experience of abandoned constructions and unfinished buildings in Athens and its environs, a common landscape in the Attica region since the recent decline of construction and real estate business in Greece. Using field research, we collected small aural and visual fragments of the abandoned resort Althea and its current uses; these fragments resulted in a mixed-media installation and a vinyl LP that act as documentation of the investigation. Althea, a five-hundred room resort, has deteriorated during the last fifteen years, vandalized by scavengers and recently occupied by extreme right paramilitary training groups. The recordings of the premises were relevant, as they illustrated the failure of the liberal growth dictum in Greece as well as the ill-designed construction development based on the tourist national capital. The album’s release presentation was accompanied by an installation of a large display case that collected the firing ammo found on the hotel premises, serving as a document of the building’s long occupation by the paramilitary extreme right groups.

12” vinyl EP | 2014 | Romvos | SOLD OUT

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Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space


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