Frédéric Magazine 4
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Frédéric Magazine 4

Frédéric Magazine 4 or Vitrines is a catalogue entirely dedicated to contemporary drawing practices. Its five founding artists members, (Boinot, Fleury, Pidoux, Poincelet, Prigent) have invited thirty artists from various backgrounds and nationalities to present their series of works.

The Frédéric Magazine project has the goal to establish a dialogue between different contributions, whether they are web art, visual art or publishing. This new anthology is inscribed as the natural continuity of the installation “Les Territoires de l’Art Modeste” in the International Museum of Modest Arts of Sète (MIAM). Contributors, among others are Hervé Di Rosa, Andy Bolus, Mélina Forthias, Apollo Thomas, Christian Aubrun, Donato Di nunno, Isabelle Boinot, Paul Bonnet, Frédéric Poincelet, Frédéric Fleury, Antoine Marquis, Jérémie Grandsenne, Jérémy et Ludovic Boulard Lefur, Mehdi Hercberg, Yu Matsuoka Pol, Stéphane Prigent, Jonas Delaborde.



288 pages | Paperback CMYK | 190mm x 250mm | 2011 | SOLD OUT


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Tintin Akei Kongo

The Cubicle Island

Compendium of Franco-Belgian Comics





Balinese Beast LP

Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space


Balinese Beast-Wham Jah LP

Riki Fermier

Écologie Forcée

Un monde un peu meilleur

Eprouvette #3



Glacial – Hardcore Lounge EP

Glacial – Entropy EP

We All Go Down

Skeleton Drafts

Glacial – Hotel Costes présente…

Les lieux et les choses qui entouraient les gens, désormais

Wry Trio

Limbo Sketchbook

The Horseheaded Statue

Limbo Textbook

Honey, I shrunk our playlist

Balinese Beast / TBC & Guy Saldanha – Thunderbird Hotel 7”

Balinese Beast / Fusiller, Les Géométries Souterraines [Split] LP

Balinese Beast – Soft Offerings Maxi 7”

Balinese Beast / Gabola, Riviere – SchengenShenzen [Split] LP


Both Sides of a Wall

Frédéric Magazine 4

Fug Gum, Vol ii

Multitudes 37/38

Le Coup de Grâce


Glömp 9