Ilan Manouach | Conceptual comics
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Conceptual comics

Manouach is a PhD researcher at the Aalto University in Helsinki where he explores materialist practices in experimental comics. His doctoral research focuses on conceptual comics (CoCo) and explores the very substrate of the comics medium not as a culturally neutral site, but as a way to build alternative historiographies, replete with their own material properties and signifying potential. The research examines practices that are unaffiliated with the commonly accepted history of the medium and argues that if a comics genealogy exists, it can only be individual and idiosyncratic: The unlocatedness in the medium’s spectrum is more than an abstraction. Works operate on the margins of distribution and reception, while artists uncomfortable with the entrenched roles invite readers, in the absence of critical discourse, to engage with the works in nonspecified, at times forensic, ways of examination. Part of his research will appear in the form of an international anthology entitled Conceptual Comics, Unpopular Practices Within A Marginal Art Form and as a separate section in the Ubuweb art archive.

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Tintin Akei Kongo

The Cubicle Island

Compendium of Franco-Belgian Comics





Balinese Beast LP

Undeveloped: Uncovering Of A Liminal Space


Balinese Beast-Wham Jah LP

Riki Fermier

Écologie Forcée

Un monde un peu meilleur

Eprouvette #3



Glacial – Hardcore Lounge EP

Glacial – Entropy EP

We All Go Down

Skeleton Drafts

Glacial – Hotel Costes présente…

Les lieux et les choses qui entouraient les gens, désormais

Wry Trio

Limbo Sketchbook

The Horseheaded Statue

Limbo Textbook

Honey, I shrunk our playlist

Balinese Beast / TBC & Guy Saldanha – Thunderbird Hotel 7”

Balinese Beast / Fusiller, Les Géométries Souterraines [Split] LP

Balinese Beast – Soft Offerings Maxi 7”

Balinese Beast / Gabola, Riviere – SchengenShenzen [Split] LP


Both Sides of a Wall

Frédéric Magazine 4

Fug Gum, Vol ii

Multitudes 37/38

Le Coup de Grâce


Glömp 9