One week residency w/ Federica Porello

In the beau­ti­ful dance stu­dio of L’Animal a l’Esquena located, in the mid­dle of a meadow in Celrà, Girona, Fed­er­ica Porello and Ilan Manouach will con­tinue a col­lab­o­ra­tion that started in 2006. The aim is to find a com­mon lan­guage between sound and move­ment through impro­vi­sa­tion, while at the same time deal­ing with ques­tions of auton­omy and coex­is­tence. When not impro­vis­ing, they will be lis­ten­ing to the lec­tures deliv­ered by Roland Barthes at the Col­lege de France in 1977, enti­tled Vivre Ensem­ble.