Donna Haraway in Greek

Books (the translation of the neologism ‘locavore’ describing a group of persons that only consumes locally produced food) is an non-profit hyperlocal initiative consisting of a limited print run book catalogue with a main interest in politics, urban space and radical movements. Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto is now available in Greek.

Primate Arena, Tel Aviv

Primate Arena is a nomadic freeform happening for experimental & out muzak events, dedicated to Psych, Noise, Speech/Sonic/Concrete Poetry, Avant Rock, Improv, post millennial obscurities, pre millennial obscurities, the history of 20th century experimental music & other adventurous ventures. The events take place in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, and include an interntional festival and a radio program on, hosted by Alex Drool & Eran Sachs. I performed live with Alex Drool, Eran Sachs and David Opp.

Balkan tour with Jonas Kocher

The duo will present the release of its CD Skeleton Drafts, during the brief balkan tour:
(21.02) Bucharest, (22.02) Subotica, (23.02) Budapest, (24.02) Novi Sad, (25.02) Belgrade, (26.02) Skopje, (27.02) Thessaloniki, (28.02) Athens

Glacial’s Entropy EP is out!

Glacial’s latest offering is their Entropy EP, released on the newborn label six d.o.g.s. On side A we are greeted by the epic fifteen-minute-long dub techno monster of “Entropy”. Don’t let that sweet jazzy intro misguide you, as the track builds and builds to reach monstrous heights of energy, full of sub-basses and screaming horns, ideal for both peak-time or after-hours action. “Stoya” on Side B is deeper, moody and minimal with a great groovy loop. Jazzy elements all over set the tone and when the break comes, ilan’s saxophone shines through like a blister in the sun. “Stoya” was recently included in Mary Ann Hobb’s playlist for BBC Radio.

The Shapereader in Kunsthalle Mulhouse

Presque la Même Chose is an exhibition curated by Sandrine Wymann that focuses on the limits of translatability. I quote the text written by the curator: the principle is not to collect a body of works related to the subject but to pursue the reflection based on textual and formal research that can help us understand how difficult it is to tell the same thing. The show will be up till May 10th.

One week residency w/ Federica Porello

In the beau­ti­ful dance stu­dio of L’Animal a l’Esquena located, in the mid­dle of a meadow in Celrà, Girona, Fed­er­ica Porello and Ilan Manouach will con­tinue a col­lab­o­ra­tion that started in 2006. The aim is to find a com­mon lan­guage between sound and move­ment through impro­vi­sa­tion, while at the same time deal­ing with ques­tions of auton­omy and coex­is­tence. When not impro­vis­ing, they will be lis­ten­ing to the lec­tures deliv­ered by Roland Barthes at the Col­lege de France in 1977, enti­tled Vivre Ensem­ble.