Artist Talk in Champs Libres, Rennes

I will give this Sunday two consecutive talks introducing Conceptual Comics to the visitors of Champs Libres. Le Premier Dimanche, is a monthly event curated every time by different groups- Spéléographies organized a program featuring an array of talks, symposiums, workshops and exhibitions.

The Shapereader, a Semmelweiss Art Award

Ignaz Semmelweis introduced handwashing standards after discovering that the occurrence of puerperal fever could be prevented by practising hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics. The Shapereader has been awarded a prize by the Semmelweis Foundation. I will be in Vienna for the ceremony.

Artist-in-residence, Rennes

I was invited by M.Morvandiau and Laurence Coste, both members of the Periscopages Festival, to be for the next two months, the artist-in-residence for their new initiative. Spéléographies is a Biennial with an interest in different manifestations of scribbling anorms of writing, that brings together practitioners from comics, literature and music to collaborate and produce a work that will be exhibited in May 2016.

w/ Jonas Kocher at Centre Pasquart (videos)

A series of duets with Jonas Kocher have been filmed in the Contemporary Art Center Pasquart in Bienne/Bil, Switzerland. Our goal is to resonate our music in different environments and extend our architectural conception of improvisation as an intuitive, purposeless machine that makes music.


Intervention, Centre Pasquart in Biel

Jonas Kocher, Irena Tomazin, Dafni Stefanou, Gaudenz Badrutt, Ruedy Schwyn and I will be performing for two shows, Kocher’s Intervention site-specific score in the Contemporary Art Center in Bienne/Biel.