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New CD out!

A min­i­max CD, which has twenty-one min­utes of music, and the outer ring is semi-trans­par­ent. This is quite some intense music and maybe as such the choice to do this as a mini CD is a wise one! Intense, short but very good. Vital Weekly. Jonas Kocher (accor­dion), Ilan Manouach (sax­o­phone), Dim­itris Papa­geor­giou (vio­lin). CD, 21 min­utes


Profiled in World Literature Today!

Bill Kar­talopou­los guest edited for WLT a sec­tion on Inter­na­tional Comics. The issue’s many robust fea­tures also include an inter­view with David B., a pro­file of Anke Feucht­en­berger, a his­tory of FREMOK, works from Yuichi Yokoyama and spot­lights on inter­na­tional pub­lish­ers such as nos:books, Édi­tions Matière and kuš! Komikss.

Here, the full tran­script.


Glacial’s Hardcore Lounge EP is out!

With its fusion of human and elec­tronic soul, this lat­est trans­mis­sion from Glacial fur­ther estab­lishes the duo as an excit­ing force within the more exper­i­men­tal cor­ners of the house and techno com­mu­nity, pay­ing respect to the music of the past while reach­ing for­wards into pre­vi­ously unex­plored ter­ri­tory.”

Glacial’s Hard­core Lounge EP is out!
Buy it on Decks or Juno.


Harvested is out!

An anthol­ogy curated by microwork­ers. HARVESTED is based on found con­tent, an arbi­trary selec­tion of adult films. It has been entirely fab­ri­cated by an orches­trated, fine­tuned set of sched­uled rou­tines, web scripts and task-based swarm intel­li­gence. Mate­r­ial for this book was assem­bled from a decen­tral­ized net­work of peers and was fil­tered by an anony­mous pop­u­la­tion of microwork­ers.  I am very excited to announce that copies of Har­vested have reached its dif­fer­ent co-pro­duc­ing pub­lish­ers in France, Den­mark, Bel­gium, Switzer­land, Por­tu­gal, Greece, Italy, Spain and soon Mex­ico and South Africa! Write me for more infor­ma­tion.


The Shapereader in Athens

The Shapereader will be on dis­play for the first time in Greece in the Onas­sis Cul­tural Cen­ter. The vis­i­tors will dis­cover the project through the help of two visu­ally dis­abled guides that will be in the premises for the open­ing.


The Shapereader Workshop in Athens

A three-day work­shop where we will explore the pos­si­bil­i­ties of tac­tile cog­nizance using the Shapereader reper­toire will be con­ducted in the Onas­sis Cul­tural Cen­ter. Over 50 par­tic­i­pants have been reg­is­tered. Thank you! Reg­is­tra­tions are now closed.


Workshop with Iris Karayan

In col­lab­o­ra­tion with Iris Karayan, this work­shop is specif­i­cally con­ceived for dancers and musi­cians with visual dis­abil­i­ties. Through its 12 weekly ses­sions at the Onas­sis Cul­tural Cen­ter, we will explore how to build a per­sonal pool of sounds and ges­tures and learn how to use nature as an anal­ogy for ter­ri­to­r­ial expan­sion in order to grad­u­ally build a col­lec­tive chore­og­ra­phy and a sound piece. Reg­is­tra­tions are now closed.


The Shapereader at FIBD

I joy­fully announce that the Shapereader is part of the offi­cial pro­gram exhi­bi­tion of FIBD, the Inter­na­tional Comics Fes­ti­val of Angoulême. The exhi­bi­tion will run from Thurs­day 28th to Feb­ru­ary 1st and is located in the build­ing of la Cité Inter­na­tionale de la Bande Bess­inée et de l’Image.