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Ilan Manouach (Athens, 1980) is a conceptual cartoonist. He publishes his book projects regularly and has participated in important comics events worldwide where he regularly gives workshops and talks about comics. He is mostly known for the unauthorized fac-simile appropriations that claim for the importance of a “reader’s space”, beyond all imposed meanings coming from the author or from the prevailing readings of certain works. These books demonstrate that comics can be a powerful self-reflexive medium. His books have received generous and consistent support from the Centre National du Livre in France and La Communauté Française de Belgique and they have been discussed in various magazines such as World Literature Today, Wired, Hyperallergic and e-flux. Manouach is a PhD researcher at the Aalto University in Helsinki where he explores materialist practices in experimental comics.



Since 2015, he concentrates his practice around Shapereader, an invented system of tactile communication. Shapereader is a community-specific tactile conlang (constructed language) that was initially designed for the purposes of visually impaired users in regards to tactile textual production, is unbound by the particularities of ethnic and native alphabets or Braille code and addresses all users, regardless of their nationality, language, educational level, or subsistence under any visual handicap. It consists of an expanding repertoire of free-floating tactile ideograms (tactigrams) intended to provide haptic equivalents for all the semantic features, the conceptual functions and textual attributes. By circumventing the verbovocovisual apparatus, it transposes semantic and syntactical structures cognizance to the reader’s fingertips. Shapereader promotes an embodied textual experience and has been presented internationally, with exhibitions, workshops and conferences. More information can be found on the project’s website.

book publishing


Topovoros (the translation of the neologism locavore describing a group of persons that only consumes locally produced food) is an non-profit hyperlocal initiative consisting of a limited print run book catalogue with a main interest in politics, urban space and radical movements. Eager to bring in Greece an eclectic array of important texts, Topovoros has released among others translations of works from Craig Dworkin, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Donna Haraway, Eyal Weizman, Mike Davis, Valerie Solanas, the Black Panthers, Robert Smithson, Guy Hocquenghem. The structure of the company follows, as its name suggests, the dynamics and ethics of the organically and locally driven niche gastronomic category. The design, printing, binding and distribution of the books is done strictly within the precise geographical area, the 200 acres of the neighbourhood of Exarchia in Athens. Inkpress is another small publishing catalogue that specializes in translating, designing and distributing important works of the world literature of comics in Greek. Since six years now, it holds under its belt, books from Dan Clowes, Chester Brown, Kaz, Debbie Drechsler, Ivan Brunetti, Gilbert Hernandez and Ben Katchor.