Ilan Manouach | Shapereader in Dubai
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Shapereader in Dubai

Good Print­ing addresses issues of print­mak­ing in regards to authen­tic­ity, repro­ducibil­ity, and the mech­a­ni­sa­tion of art mak­ing. Nonethe­less, the artists don’t engage in a nos­tal­gic quest for the return to the orig­i­nal in order to restore the aura of the work of art. Rather, they cel­e­brate the poten­tial­ity of the defects and inac­cu­ra­cies that (can) occur in the process of copy­ing orig­i­nals or repro­duc­tions, which even­tu­ally rede­fines the essence of the orig­i­nal­ity of their work. Curated by Yas­mina Reg­gad. Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai, UAE. 22 May — 14 Sep­tem­ber 2017.

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