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I am very glad to con­tribute a short story for Gouf­fre, an inter­na­tional mag­a­zine, con­ceived, designed, printed and bound by the edi­to­r­ial team. These new per­spec­tives and unique approaches in comics are pro­claimed as “min­i­mal, max­i­mal, with­out char­ac­ters, made of sen­sa­tions, or of empti­ness, mute, aes­thetic, close to abstrac­tion. You will dis­cover toxic under­growth, extin­guished sub­urbs, melan­cholic sci-fi sto­ries, fake mag­a­zine cov­ers, mod­ern love rela­tion­ships and visions of the near future.” Con­grat­u­la­tions to the edi­to­r­ial team. Sold out!

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