Ilan Manouach | Gilbert Hernandez in Greek
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Gilbert Hernandez in Greek

The third in Gilbert Her­nan­dez’s line of orig­i­nal hard­cov­ers fea­tur­ing Love and Rock­ets’ “Fritz” in her guise as a Z-movie actress is a trippy thriller that stars Fritz in no fewer than three roles. A beau­ti­ful wait­ress (Fritz, of course) and her hos­pi­tal nurse brother (also Fritz) visit their estranged father, a once suc­cess­ful but now retired writer (amaz­ingly enough, also Fritz), in order to find out the true rea­son why their mother com­mit­ted sui­cide. When dad’s health fails, the sib­lings are then more con­cerned with the money he might leave them.
Ink­press Books hap­pily announces the trans­la­tion in Greek of Gilbert Hernandez’s Love from the Shad­ows.

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