Ilan Manouach | Glacial’s Entropy EP is out!
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Glacial’s Entropy EP is out!

Glacial’s lat­est offer­ing is their Entropy EP, released on the new­born label six d.o.g.s. On side A we are greeted by the epic fif­teen-minute-long dub techno mon­ster of “Entropy”. Don’t let that sweet jazzy intro mis­guide you, as the track builds and builds to reach mon­strous heights of energy, full of sub-basses and scream­ing horns, ideal for both peak-time or after-hours action. “Stoya” on Side B is deeper, moody and min­i­mal with a great groovy loop. Jazzy ele­ments all over set the tone and when the break comes, ilan’s sax­o­phone shines through like a blis­ter in the sun. “Stoya” was recently included in Mary Ann Hobb’s playlist for BBC Radio. 

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